March Athletes of the Month

March Athletes of the Month This month our Athletes of the Month are two incredibly strong women! These ladies kill it every day in the gym and their commitment to health and fitness is inspiring not only to the Cadre Community but also their very own families! Read on to see how these athletes are impacting those around them as they get fit!


Laura Dudley

Laura has been a member of the morning RIIPT Crew since July 2015. You can always count on seeing Laura and her daughters, Sarah and Molly, each and every morning. Their collective smiles and “get it done” attitude provide enough energy to inspire the entire gym! Laura thoroughly enjoys making RIIPT a family affair. Witnessing her daughter’s progressions and passion for fitness is more rewarding than her own. The family passion for fitness doesn’t stop there. Laura’s son Adam happens to be an exercise science major. Laura loves being able to share her workouts and amazing results with him!

Laura’s favorite aspect of RIIPT is the constantly varied workouts and the fresh approach that the coaches have. If she could choose a movement to skip, it would be banded box squats and squat pulses. Give Laura core work and she’s as happy as can be! Laura has seen some incredible results in her core strength and appearance since starting RIIPT. Creating a healthy routine and starting her day off with RIIPT has impacted Laura’s life in all aspects. She finds that she has more energy throughout her busy days as a co-owner of American Elite, a local Cheerleading and Gymnastics facility.

As a business owner, Laura was quick to share her insights as to why she loves the Cadre community. The items at the top of her list were the coach to athlete ratio, inclusiveness of all fitness levels, cleanliness, knowledgeable staff and personable athletes. We are so flattered you trust us with your fitness and excited to celebrate your continued commitment to a healthy, fit lifestyle! Thanks for always having a positive attitude and for encouraging everyone around you! You deserve to be the Cadre March Athlete of the Month!!!


Natalie Buynak

As a busy mom of little ones and a devoted athlete we couldn’t be more proud of Natalie for making health and fitness a her personal priority! She has been a member of the RIIPT Crew for a little over a year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Natalie loves RIIPT because of the challenging full body workout that is “never the same. Cadre’s welcoming and inclusive environment has been great for meeting new people and making friends. Natalie explains that the other athletes “keep me motivated to keep working my hardest.” Because of this extra push, Natalie is “feeling stronger and feeling better overall.” She really hates missing a class because she feels that the rest of her day is “just off”.

Natalie shared that Cadre has affected her life in so many ways because both she and her husband Mike, workout at Cadre. Together they have created “good eating habits “ and helped each other “stay motivated and on track with workouts.” They have also enrolled their children, Angelina, Charlie, and Lilly, in Cadre Kids. As a result, their children are “more aware of making healthy food choices and know that staying active feels good!” This is a family focused on living life to the fullest and getting fit together.

Natalie’s favorite thing about Cadre is the community. She says it best: “Everyone is welcoming and encourages you to try your hardest. It feels as though we are all there together with the same goal. It is a very motivating place to be and I always feel happier and accomplished when I leave.” Natalie is looking forward to seeing what health and fitness benefits 2016 has in store.

Natalie really summarized our ethos at Cadre when she said, “I feel that I am the healthiest I have ever been.” We couldn’t agree more and we’re so proud of all your accomplishments Natalie. You epitomize healthy living and have a profound impact on the health and wellness of your children. Congratulations on becoming Cadre’s March Athlete of the Month!!!