July Athletes Of The Month!!!

We can't believe it is already July! Hero week is well under way and we are anticipating a banner 4th of July with our final gut check of "Murph" this Satruday. The small, limited "suck" that we experience during these WODS is but a taste of what many sacrifice and toil through on a daily basis. We are SO proud of our athletes for stepping up to the plate and taking these on!!! Nice JOB!!!! Without further adieu, we give you our July AOTM!

Bassim Hamdan joined the "Cadre Crew" in September of 2014. His quiet demeanor and focused approach immediately popped up on our radar. Bassim continued to attack difficult movements and exhausting WODS with a fortitude second to none. Regardless of the task, Bassim took it on with fervor! Fast forward to today. Bassim is at Cadre at all hours of the day and many times twice a day. He consistently works on his weaknesses and Oly lifts. His hard work has transformed his body and he has grown as a community member and athlete. We are blessed to have individuals like Bassim on our team! Great job Bassim!!!! You deserve to be July's AOTM!!!!

Bassim Hamdan July AOTM!!!

Lynn Villa is about as quiet as they come. A veteran athlete from 2013, Lynn continues to come in and grind through our most difficult WODS! Lynn's focus on proper technique and willingness to listen to cues has immensely improved her game! It's always fun for the coaches to catch her off guard and get that wry smile or unfettered laughter. Lynn is a true ambassador for Cadre and the community we hold so dearly. Thank you for trusting us with your fitness Lynn! You deserve to be July's AOTM!!!!!!

Lynn Villa July AOTM!!!