February Athletes of the Month!!!

Besides the unusual challenge of spelling February, it can be a brutal month to get through! Cold, unforgiving and at times ruthless; this "month of romance" has a cruel sense of humor !!! Don't despair, we have something that will warm the cockles to your heart…AOTM!!! Jarrod Slater is the consummate definition of a quiet professional. His Wife Elizabeth will tell you that this guy thumbed his nose at exercise before coming to Cadre 8 months ago! Jarrod has changed those antiquated views AND his physique! This guy quietly goes after it on every level. His hunger for efficiency and improvement is unparalleled!  We all know that Jarrod means business when he walks through the door:) Although focused, Jarrod has never let his drive divert him from welcoming new athletes or encouraging others. Thanks for believing in yourself and the outstanding community at Cadre. Congratulations Jarrod! You definitely deserve the title Athlete of the Month!!!

February AOTM  Jarrod Slater!!!!



Bethany Ferry is a ball of energy wrapped in inertia! We're so pleased that she decided to join the Cadre Community last May. Since that fateful day, Bethany has completely blown the doors off of her "former self". Bethany selflessly donates time and energy to causes like Anne's Army. She took at least 1000 pictures at that event alone! She manages to put in extra time at open gym and faces down her weaknesses. Whether it is early in the morning or if she is tired, you'll never be the wiser. Her infectious smile coupled with her wry sense of humor punctuates her fantastic personality. Thank you for modeling habits of an outstanding person and a driven athlete! Congratulations on earning Athlete of the Month!!!

February AOTM  Bethany Ferry!!!