September AOTM!!!

What's better than being Athlete Of The Month (AOTM) at Cadre!?!?!? Having your "better half" be one!!!!!! When we say we have a couple of AOTM candidates this month, we mean that they ARE a couple! Steve and Danielle Suffolk came to Cadre almost a year ago in Nov. 2013. At first, the dynamic duo was unsure of what they signed up for. In no time the Suffolks embraced the workload and all the "suck" that accompanies "work capacity across broad time and modal domains." Collectively, Steve and Danielle worked through the awkward stages of learning Olympic lifts, pushing hard and refusing to quit! Funny thing happened over the next few months…they gained  STRENGTH and MOBILITY! This "power couple" has seen dramatic changes in their minds and bodies! If you join the 0900 session you'll see the Suffolks but you may not hear them:) These two quite warriors come in, warm up and throw down! The only time we know you'll hear them is when they're encouraging other athletes.

Great job guys! We're lucky to have you both as excellent examples within in our community!!!!  Enjoy your parking spaces, special barbells and all the congratulations we can provide!!!! Oh! We almost forgot this bit of sage advice….A couple that SWELLS together….SMELLS together!!!!!


September AOTM Danielle Suffolk

September AOTM Steven Suffolk

September AOTM Couple Danielle and Steven Suffolk