August AOTM!!!!!!

We truly can't believe August is already upon us! What better way to ring in the new month than with our Athlete's of the Month!?!? John Kennedy came to us over a year ago after deciding to take ownership of his health and well-being. At the time, John was dangerously over weight and working to recover from a prior hip replacement. Since that fateful day John has religiously attended the 0500 CrossFit sessions. Initially limited by his range of motion and lack of metabolic conditioning (MetCon), John decided take his deficiencies head on. Through warm up grimaces and sheer determination, John fought through every movement and rep.! As time passed a strange thing happened…he became more mobile, stronger and felt better about his health. John began to lose weight, increase his energy level, all the while moving about easier at work and home. John eventually decided to get his other hip replaced and was back to Cadre within days! John has worked hard and is back in the swing of things. Ask John and he will tell you that recovering from hip surgery was MUCH quicker this time! Congrats John!!! You are a shining example of someone who refuses to take "easy" as an acceptable alternative. Enjoy the AOTM parking space and bar bell; you've earned it!!!! 


August Athlete of the Month  John Kennedy


Jennifer Hasebien joined Cadre as a quiet and unassuming athlete unsure of what she signed herself up for. Her work ethic was evident from the beginning. Jen is still quiet and unassuming but she's …much stronger! Jen is showing marked proficiency at olympic lifts, technical exercise movements and continues to inspire athletes as well as staff! It's impressive to see her thrive!!! We LOVE to make Jen flash that sheepish smile…even when she's not "feeling it". Keep chasing virtuosity Jen! You're killing it!!!!


August Athlete of the Month  Jen Hasebein