July Athletes Of The Month!!!!

Sandy Michaels initially checked out Cadre with some trepidation. Transitioning from another CrossFit community is not an easy undertaking. As we all know, commUNITY is EVERYTHING in CrossFit. Once you settle into a communal setting, transitioning is like losing close family! We understood how Sandy felt and gave her room to spread her wings... on her own terms. Through hard work, intense drive and no excuses, Sandy found her groove! She also discovered how welcoming Cadre can be:) Now that Sandy is settled in, she continues to excel, break PR's and welcome others into the fold. Congratulations Sandy!!! You deserve to be July's Athlete Of The Month!!! July Athlete Of The Month!!!

When Richard Patterson joined our ranks in early April, he committed to improvement of his overall health and functional fitness. 30 pounds lighter and a exceptionally more mobile, Richard continues to impress! An example of Richard's drive was his recent shoulder separation (a previous injury pattern). After a trip to the local ED and some medicine to relax him, Richard had his shoulder relocated. Shortly after Richards injury, he was back in the box, working on modified movements. Richard's infectious smile and relentless approach to WODs is commendable. We love your outlook and refusal to let anything get in the way of improving. Great job Richard!!! You deserve to be July's Athlete Of The Month!

July AOTM Richard Patterson