May AOTM!!!!

Here we are at the beginning of a very exciting month for CrossFit Cadre!!! What better way to kick off this month than to showcase our Athletes Of The Month!?!? In a world riddled with self promotion, we thought it'd be refreshing to endorse two athletes who embody humility and hard work. Mike Bruno has quietly shown the drive and determination it takes to grind through his personal deficiencies! We remember when Mike first joined us. His range of motion (ROM) and lower body strength were a HUGE hole in his game. We witnessed Mike's quiet drive and unfettered desire to attack those deficiencies. Not only did Mike battle through his "goats", he often did so while injured or tweaked! One of the most impressive things about Mike is his drastic improvement in form!!!! In fact, Mike has done so well that he is able to efficiently move  increased loads over shorter time domains!  Mike is one of the first to rally around athletes who are still working when he is done. Although this may embarrass you…Mike…YOU have more than earned the title Athlete of the Month!!!!!!



Cindy Arcoria has really come into her own as an athlete. Every time we turn around Cindy is smashing another PR! Take this past Monday for instance. Cindy managed to crank out a 300# dead lift!!!! She continues to put in the extra work it takes on the North side before and after classes. Cindy is always asking questions and applying what she learns. Our female AOTM will be the first one to welcome new athletes and cheer on the established. Keep being who you are Cindy! We LOVE it!!!