April Athletes Of The Month!!!

April ushers in Spring and all of the new growth that ensues. It's uplifting to see sunshine, hear birds in the a.m. and watch everything else come to life! Same goes for the atmosphere at Cadre. It's so much fun for the staff to see growth and development amongst our athletes. Two notable athletes who have shown tremendous dedication and growth are: Ben O’Daniel

April ATOM


Ben doing Bar Over Burpees

Ben joined "the fray" last September and has begun a notable growth pattern of his own. Here's a brief summary of this young warrior's journey. Ben was diagnosed with A.L.L. (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) type B July 1, 2011. This high risk disease, especially in males, requires aggressive medication regimens and a battery of ongoing tests. Here's a little of what this young athlete regularly endures:

Ben is slated to be on daily oral doses of chemotherapy until Nov 6 2015. That means, he takes Mercaptopurine every day, Methotrexate pills every Thursday and Bactrim (his antibiotic) 3 times a day, 3 times a week. He also takes Prednisone every day, once a week, per month during his Vincristine therapy. Ben has a port (under the skin in his chest) that is accessed (Vincristine infusions)  every 4 weeks and a lumbar puncture ("spinal tap")  every 8 weeks to test his spinal fluid. He then gets Methotrexate.

As we are all aware, medications have side effects and one of Ben's was bilateral drop foot (inability to pick toes up/dorsiflex his feet). When he first came to us Ben had to work up the energy just to walk through the door. Ben has continually put in the work, "sold out" and left every bit of his effort on the floor. He is now working out with the evening classes doing bar-over burpees, snatches, wall balls and anything else that is thrown his way!!!!

Ben loves science, movies, and people in general. He loves to go out and would love to travel; especially to Germany! He absolutely LOVES CrossFit! Ben…the proof is in your results! Keep plugging away!!! Your drive is sooooooo motivating!!!!

Nancy Richardson

April AOTM

Nancy is one AMAZING woman!!!! This female fire breather has been with Cadre since our doors opened. We discovered early on that Nancy is as focused as they come!!! It's almost like "flipping a switch". Nancy can go from mild-mannered to "beast mode" athlete in a matter of seconds!!! Nancy's tenacity and determination are self-evident in EVERY workout! Example would be gashing both of her shins on a box. No matter…Nancy came right back with shin guards! You are such and inspiration to all of us! Keep showing that work ethic. We are ALL glad to be on your good side;)