February Athletes Of The Month

February is the month of love!!! Now let's show some of that love to our two outstanding Athletes Of The Month (AOTM). For the uninitiated, AOTM is a designator given to Cadre athletes that emulate the qualities we hold near and dear. You don't have to be the fastest, strongest, most coordinated or even love burpees :) All you have to do is show up, put in work and encourage your fellow athletes. As an added bonus, AOTM recipients enjoy their own parking spots, use of their very own barbell and most notably, the honor of wearing a set of Adam S. Hamilton commemorative dog tags! Here are this month's shining examples: Erika Wisberger has literally changed in front of our eyes. Erika came to Cadre unsure of herself and her athletic abilities. We distinctly remember the looks we received upon asking her to perform strength work. Often, her looks were coupled with "You want me to what?" Erika struggled, fought and fought some more. Her frustration became evident yet her resolve was unwavering. Now Erika is confident, up for a challenge and remarkably strong! This AOTM continues to push herself, establishes new PR's, works through the "suck" all the while encouraging others around her. Erika quietly and unselfishly donates her time to assist in the multitude of events Cadre hosts. We are so proud of her continued dedication and progress. Keep it up Erika!!!


Wesley Brechbiel is one of the most genuine people you will have the privilege to meet. "Wes" walked through our doors with one goal in mind…to get better! After some open dialogue and determined goal setting, we watched as Wes put his words into action! Wes worked hard to move his large frame through space during gymnastic/body weight skills. Modifications to nutrition and a steadfast dedication to completing the LuRong Paleo Challenge put Wes on a warp speed journey to change. Down 30lbs., Wes continues to gain strength and endurance at an impressive rate! This AOTM always has an infectious smile and a willingness to give everything he has and then a little more! Congratulations Wes!!! Keep killin it! You'll need all the energy and stamina you can muster when that new baby arrives in May:)