January Athletes Of The Month

January marks the beginning of another 365 day journey to your continued physical and mental transformation. You will face down challenges, exceed expectations, PR when you least expect it and feel the satisfaction of pushing through "the suck"!!! What is going to help you do all of this!?!?!?!? The athletes around you! They are the heart and soul of Cadre and what separates CrossFitters from everyone else…A.K.A…our community. Being the Athlete Of The Month (AOTM) is paramount and integral to the our growth process. Why is this? One simple reason…the best form of flattery is imitation. The qualities we see in our AOTM emphasize character traits that we should ALL do our best to emulate . Expectations of higher standards effectively raise the bar (pun intended) for EVERYONE across the board.


Lindsay Ehmer joined the ranks of Cadre in August of 2013. Since joining our community Lindsay has attacked each WOD and "goat" with veracity! As an aside, Lindsay values integrity so much she has been known to "no-rep" herself during WODS. Lindsay is the first one to encourage others during and after she's done with WODS. Her adherence to excellence was never so evident than at our recent "Bar None" competition in November! Keep shining Lindsay!!!!




David Ito (the handsome devil on the right) has impressed us from the jump! David (along with his lovely Wife Sonal) joined "the fold" in September of 2013. David was hooked after day one and has continued to improve daily! We have yet to see David without a smile on his face, even in the midst of a grinding WOD! David is the first person to rally around other athletes and lift them up with his positive mojo:) Fantastic Job David!!!!



January Athlete Of The Month