December Athletes Of The Month

Year's almost over and what a year it has been! 2013 underscores continued growth and vitality within our community. As staff, we are consistently impressed with EVERY athlete's drive and commitment to fitness. Suffice it to say choosing and AOTM is not an easy decision! We've deliberated and made a most difficult selection.  Here are your December Athletes Of The Month!!!!!  

Jackie Marshall has come a long way physically and even more so mentally. We remember Jackie's first day like it was yesterday. Jackie's mixture of frustration, determination to take control of her fitness and sheer tenacity was soooooo evident! As staff, we gain a "sixth sense" about athletes who we know are gonna "stick it out". Jackie was and is one of those individuals. Jackie's commitment to her nutrition, work done and willingness to do whatever it takes to reach her goals is patently clear. Great job Jackie!!!! You exemplify the drive that motivates us all!!!!

Jackie Marshall after 5 months of CrossFit!!!!!


Josh Arcoria is the strong quiet type. We often kid him that it makes our day when we can get the young man to crack a smile:) Josh continues to improve since joining the Cadre community. His willingness to put in the extra work before and after WODs is really boosting his game! Josh took on the Bar None Competition at the spry age of 14! Not only did Josh represent Cadre well he exceeded his and our expectations!!! Great job Josh! We can't wait to see where your CrossFit journey takes you in the future!


Josh Arcoria