September Athletes of the Month

The Month of September ushers in the dawn of a new era!!! Athlete of the Month...x 2! We're excited to announce that we are expanding this notable accolade to twice as many Cadre athletes. This month we honor Jeremy Sackett and Cathie Streng as our male and female Athletes of the Month.



Jeremy has shown tremendous growth in strength and technique since becoming and athlete at Cadre. Jeremy's desire to learn and continually improve is as evident as his vocal and emotional support of the athletes around him! Jeremy exemplifies the core values we hold dear at Cadre.


Cathie has literally changed right in front of our eyes! Cathie's metamorphosis is truly impressive AND inspiring. As one of the "plank" members of the "0500 Posse", Cathie continues to push herself and others to improve. Cathie  never ceases to amaze us with her athletic ability, infectious smile and endless generosity.

Make sure to give each of these amazing individuals a handshake, hug or pat on the back for their exemplary achievement!!!!