Athlete of the Month

January Athletes of the Month!!!

2018 is a new year and we have a couple of noteworthy athletes bringing much-needed heat to record low temperatures!

Please congratulate Molly Sauder and Jordan Ito for their well-deserved accolades as Cadre exemplar in January.

Molly consistently arrives to Cadre with a knowing smile and quietly gives 110% effort. Although expending massive amounts of energy you can always make Molly smile with a fist bump or a quick one-liner about how fun all of this “fitness” really is. Nice work Molly! We’re honored to have you leading the way within our commUNITY!

Jordan Ito has shown maturity and tenacity beyond his years. He is a fixture at Cadre and continually puts in the extra time required to see dividends on the field of play. It’s amazing to see Jordan’s confidence grow along with his body. Keep pouring on the coals young man! We’re stoked that you are making all the right choices!!!


August Athletes of the Month

August Athletes of the Month


Crystal Gravius

Crystal has been part of the Cadre Crew for a little over a year and has been with us since she started her CrossFit journey. Her favorite aspect of CrossFit is the atmosphere and energy in the gym when she’s working out but she is also a big fan of the versatility because it keeps her motivated and coming back for more! Crystal loves to back squat but would rather have someone else do her burpees for her (who wouldn’t?)! Since beginning CrossFit, Crystal has been pushed to accomplish things that she never dreamed she was capable of. Cadre has made her stronger both mentally and physically and as a result her confidence has grown! Her favorite thing about Cadre is the people, especially the coaches because everyone is always so encouraging. We are so proud of all your progress Crystal! Thanks for always being such a positive influence on our community! Keep it up!


Daniel Lopez

Daniel has been doing CrossFit for 3 years and recently moved to Ohio from California with his girlfriend, Monica! Daniel is a dedicated member of the morning Cadre Crew! Daniel was drawn to CrossFit because he “grew up playing soccer and had the pleasure of going through torturous workouts and CrossFit is so similar.” Daniel also loves that his fellow athletes are incredibly encouraging and provide him with a little healthy competition that keeps him motivated. Daniel’s favorite lift is the squat clean and he’d rather skip the back squats!

Daniel played soccer in college and when his college career ended, he found himself less active. His girlfriend, Monica introduced him to CrossFit and he started lifting weights for the first time. Daniel continues to play soccer for fun and CrossFit has helped improve his fitness level so he can continue to be competitive. Additionally, Daniel said CrossFit “has also improved all aspects of my life, from introducing me to great new friends and tiring me out so I can get some of the best sleep I could ever ask for.”

When asked what Daniel liked about Cadre he said, “Although I do love how clean the gym is, my favorite part still has to be the coaches that assist us in every class. Every coach at the gym is not only friendly and knowledgeable, but they motivate you to want to get in the gym whenever you can.”

What Daniel shared with me last displays most clearly what we are all about at Cadre: “Me and Monica moved here from California and had no family or friends to make the move easier and then we found Cadre. All the owners, coaches, and patrons made us feel like part of the family from the first moment we walked in the door and I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything else. Thank you to everyone at Cadre for everything you have done for me and Monica. You have no idea how much it means.” And that folks, is what it’s all about! Daniel we are so proud of all your hard work and we are so glad that you’ve made Cadre your home and family! Thanks for always bringing a positive attitude, smile, and max effort every single day!

July Athletes of the Month

July Athletes of the Month


Nik Vizmeg

Nik has been doing CrossFit for just over 3 months and has been progressing quickly in a short period of time. Nik was drawn to CrossFit because he is “used to working out with a team and being coached so CrossFit felt natural” to him. In addition to the team atmosphere, Nik loves deadlifts but he’s not nearly as fond of overhead squats.

Nik joined Cadre because he wanted to get in shape but he experienced other great benefits including helping him “concentrate a whole lot more on school and push[ing] him towards eating healthier.” With all these healthy changes, Nik is well on his way to getting into better shape!

According to Nik, his favorite thing about Cadre is “the sense of belonging. As soon as I started working out at Cadre I immediately felt like part of a family. Everyone is extremely kind and very helpful. You can truly tell the coaches care about form and preventing injury.” We’re so excited to be part of your fitness journey and we couldn’t be more proud of your dedication to getting stronger and healthier! Great work!


Monica Garcia

Monica has been CrossFitting for 4 years and has been part of the Cadre Crew for a year. Moving from California to Ohio to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Kent State was a huge change for Monica and she credits Cadre with helping her adjust to all the differences. Monica says “Cadre felt familiar, CrossFit is the same, the community was extremely welcoming, and had the same mindset as the people at my old box back home. Therefore, after I moved, I felt most comfortable being at the gym in Ohio.”

Monica chose Crossfit over other forms of exercise because it “fills the void left by competitive sports when college ended.” She also believes it makes working out fun and her favorite WODs are partner WODs! Her favorite aspect of CrossFit overall is being pushed by others and for the hour that she’s working out, “nothing else matters just working out and competing with [her]self. All the other stresses in [her] life do not exist.” When it comes to lifting, Monica’s favorite lift to work on is the snatch and if given a choice, she’d prefer to avoid deadlifts and back squats!

Since starting CrossFit, Monica has seen the most improvement in her upper body strength “from her first pull up, to her first bar muscle up, to her first ring muscle up.” For Monica CrossFit acts a stress reliever in a very busy and stressful graduate program. She says, “CrossFit helps me cope with stress in my life and I don’t think I it would be possible for me to get through grad school without it. CrossFit makes me feel accomplished and no matter what else I have to do in my day, I am ready to face it after my workout.” Monica, we are so glad you chose CrossFit Cadre as your CrossFit community in Ohio! You are an inspiration to all of us and we are so proud of all you’ve accomplished! Keep working hard and getting stronger!

June Athletes of the Month

Our June AoM are both hard workers with busy lives who always make time to get their workout in! Please join us in congratulating Alexa Mark and Tim Pestian! Great work!!


Alexa Mark

Alexa has been part of the Cadre Crew since February 2015. Alexa was drawn to CrossFit because of the variety of movements and different aspects of the workouts. Additionally, Alexa feels like CrossFit pushes her in so many different ways and is so much fun! The main draw for her though is that the “community if absolutely amazing!”

Alexa loves spending her time doing squat snatches but would prefer to avoid thrusters any chance she gets! Dead lifts are a close second for her least favorite lift. Alexa has seen progress in both her technique and her strength.

As a sophomore at Walsh Jesuit High School, Alexa has a lot going on between school work, extracurricular activities and just being a teenager, but she always finds time to put in extra work to improve! He goal is to compete at the CrossFit Games in the Teenage Girls’ 16-17 Division. We can’t wait to see you compete at the Games, Alexa! Keep up the great work. We are so proud to call you a member of the Cadre Crew!



Tim Pestian

Tim has been part of the Cadre Crew for 3 years. Tim has this to say about CrossFit: “CrossFitters are some of the mentally and physically strongest people I’ve ever met, but it’s more than that. My favorite aspect of CrossFit is the community I feel part of with athletes that don’t define strength just in weights, but in being healthy and emphasizing respect and loyalty in and out of the gym.”

Tim has chosen CrossFit over other forms of CrossFit because the workout is always different and unlike a regular gym, Tim hasn’t experienced a predictable routine or plateau. Unlike other forms of exercise, “with CrossFit, I check my ego at the door and trust my coaches—because this is physically strongest I’ve ever felt in my life.” Tim’s favorite lift is the power clean and he would rather skip overhead squats!

Tim is a brand new Dad to a sweet baby boy named Tre and he sees the value in starting the day by pushing himself at Crossfit each morning in order to be the strongest version of himself for his family. Tim’s favorite thing about Cadre “is the atmosphere that the owners and coaches have created. Cadre is unlike any community or team I’ve ever been a part of.” We are so proud of you Tim and love having you as part of the Cadre Crew! Keep up the great work!

May Athletes of the Month

This month we have two incredible athletes who are the epitome of hard work and heart! We are thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of Matt Brown and Niki Forner! Please congratulate them when you see them!


If you’ve ever met Matt Brown, it was surely a memorable experience. Matt shows up to the gym with a smile on his face and a positive attitude every single time. His enthusiasm and hard work are absolutely contagious; whether he’s participating in class or lifting during open gym, you can feel his presence. Matt’s CrossFit journey began 3 years ago at CrossFit Matters in Kansas City with a “tight-knit group of 6 am’ers who made it a lot of fun to get sweaty and get stronger before sunrise.” He’s been using CrossFit as his primary form of exercise ever since.

We love Matt’s thoughts on fitness! He loves CrossFit and truly believes that CrossFit “has most of the exercise game figured out” but he also believes “people should do whatever will consistently get them moving.” And although “there’s no perfect way to exercise, getting out and using this extremely capable machine we have called the human body should be a priority for everyone.” We couldn’t agree more and we believe CrossFit gives us the strength and stamina to make the most of the bodies we’ve been given in all aspects of our lives.

Besides doing bicep curls in the squat rack, Matt’s favorite lift is the Clean & Jerk. He’s particularly drawn to the technicality of the movement and although he says he has a lot of work do to perfect the movement, he really enjoys putting in the work to see improvements.

As far as progress is concerned, Matt started CrossFit with 3 specific goals: 1. Be healthy in both a cardiovascular and strength dimension as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. 2. Be proud of the way he has taken care of his body and mind 3. Meet people who enjoy and benefit from a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same! He continues to pursue these goals on a daily basis here at CrossFit Cadre!

Matt’s Favorite thing about Cadre is that it “fosters an environment that makes working towards goals part of the week.” But overall, his two absolute favorite things are “Coach Whitney and Ian’s morning show (they would make great radio hosts) and when Coach Lindsay turns up the jams in the evening class and we just go to WORK. It’s just a solid experience every time I walk in. It’s too much fun!”

We are so proud of your attitude, work ethic, and of the incredibly positive effect you have on the Cadre Community. We are so glad you’re part of the #CadreCrew and we look forward to witnessing your continued success and progress!


Niki is a newer member of our Cadre Crew having joined us in February and was introduced to Cadre by her sister, Nina Freeman. The two regularly attend the Cadre FIT class on Mondays and Thursdays! You’d never know that Niki is a newer member as she has made incredible progress and already moves like a pro! Niki shows up every week with a can do attitude and smile. She’s always ready to take on a new challenge and is quick to volunteer to try a new movement or exercise. Niki’s natural curiosity and willingness to work hard make her a dream to coach!

Niki really likes not knowing the workout in advance because it keeps it fresh and new which is important to her because it keeps her interested in the class. Niki says,“I’ve really fallen in love with FIT because it’s challenging for me and I’m learning a lot about how to exercise properly. I don’t feel uncomfortable or that it’s something outside my realm of capabilities, but it’s still a good workout and not a walk in the park.”

Niki loves ab mat sit-ups but despises burpees with equal fervor! But regardless of what the workout is, Niki says she always leaves sweaty and feeling like she’s accomplished something! Besides the variety of the workouts, what keeps Niki coming back is that doing FIT just makes her feel better about herself because she’s doing something good for her body. As far as progress is concerned, Niki says, “she has seen a huge improvement in my metabolism since starting FIT. I am able to maintain my weight much better.” Way to go Niki!

Niki’s favorite thing about Cadre is the people! Niki specifically mentioned, “everyone is so friendly, encouraging and helpful.” She never feels intimidated! According to Niki, she may be new to “this whole fitness thing” but she is really enjoying the process and the results! She looks forward to FIT every week because she actually likes doing it and she wants to work hard and get better every week. Niki, we are honored to be part of this journey and we love watching your continued progress! Keep up the awesome work!!

April Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to our April Athletes of the Month! Once again we have a pair of extremely hard working ladies who are crushing it day in and day out! We are so proud to call Caryn Hale and Heidi Topczewski part of the Cadre Crew!



Heidi has been part of the Cadre Community since the beginning. She has seen the current RIIPT program grow and develop into what it is today. Heidi remains fiercely dedicated because she loves the variety of movements and personal challenge she experiences with each class. She also enjoys the use of non-traditional fitness equipment and the results that she gains.

If Heidi had her way, you’d see her on the battle ropes and repping out ab mat sit-ups. It’s also a safe to say if it were up to her she’d pass on wall balls and plate pushes! As an “O.G.”, Heidi has seen first hand the vast improvements she has made in endurance, stamina and energy level. Not surprisingly, Heidi keeps coming back for the people that sweat along side of her. When it’s all said and done, Heidi loves the Cadre Staff and the RIIPT “groupies!” We love you too, Heidi! We’re so proud of your hard work and accomplishments. Keep crushing it!


Caryn Hale has been getting “RIIPTed” since December 2015. Prior to RIIPT, Caryn did CrossFit for 8 years and was looking for something equally challenging without heavy weights. Caryn found RIIPT through her friend and business partner, Laura Ince-Dudley. They’ve been killing workouts together ever since. RIIPT turned out to be the daily challenge that Caryn was looking for.

In Caryn’s own words: “The trainers are top notch and helped me improve my movements. I love the clean building and the friendly atmosphere.” Movements she’d prefer to skip are thrusters. Give this woman core work and she’s ready to rock! Caryn has also experienced impressive results by dialing in her nutrition with Coach Joe. What keeps Caryn coming back is her continued drive to keep fitness as an integral part of her life. Cadre helps her get the most out of each and every workout. Plain and simple… she absolutely LOVES it! We are so proud of Caryn and grateful that she enjoys the spirit of RIIPT and the Cadre Community! Thank you for making Cadre a brighter place each and every morning! Keep up the great work!

March Athletes of the Month

March Athletes of the Month

This month our Athletes of the Month are two incredibly strong women! These ladies kill it every day in the gym and their commitment to health and fitness is inspiring not only to the Cadre Community but also their very own families! Read on to see how these athletes are impacting those around them as they get fit!


Laura Dudley

Laura has been a member of the morning RIIPT Crew since July 2015. You can always count on seeing Laura and her daughters, Sarah and Molly, each and every morning. Their collective smiles and “get it done” attitude provide enough energy to inspire the entire gym! Laura thoroughly enjoys making RIIPT a family affair. Witnessing her daughter’s progressions and passion for fitness is more rewarding than her own. The family passion for fitness doesn’t stop there. Laura’s son Adam happens to be an exercise science major. Laura loves being able to share her workouts and amazing results with him!

Laura’s favorite aspect of RIIPT is the constantly varied workouts and the fresh approach that the coaches have. If she could choose a movement to skip, it would be banded box squats and squat pulses. Give Laura core work and she’s as happy as can be! Laura has seen some incredible results in her core strength and appearance since starting RIIPT. Creating a healthy routine and starting her day off with RIIPT has impacted Laura’s life in all aspects. She finds that she has more energy throughout her busy days as a co-owner of American Elite, a local Cheerleading and Gymnastics facility.

As a business owner, Laura was quick to share her insights as to why she loves the Cadre community. The items at the top of her list were the coach to athlete ratio, inclusiveness of all fitness levels, cleanliness, knowledgeable staff and personable athletes. We are so flattered you trust us with your fitness and excited to celebrate your continued commitment to a healthy, fit lifestyle! Thanks for always having a positive attitude and for encouraging everyone around you! You deserve to be the Cadre March Athlete of the Month!!!


Natalie Buynak

As a busy mom of little ones and a devoted athlete we couldn’t be more proud of Natalie for making health and fitness a her personal priority! She has been a member of the RIIPT Crew for a little over a year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Natalie loves RIIPT because of the challenging full body workout that is “never the same. Cadre’s welcoming and inclusive environment has been great for meeting new people and making friends. Natalie explains that the other athletes “keep me motivated to keep working my hardest.” Because of this extra push, Natalie is “feeling stronger and feeling better overall.” She really hates missing a class because she feels that the rest of her day is “just off”.

Natalie shared that Cadre has affected her life in so many ways because both she and her husband Mike, workout at Cadre. Together they have created “good eating habits “ and helped each other “stay motivated and on track with workouts.” They have also enrolled their children, Angelina, Charlie, and Lilly, in Cadre Kids. As a result, their children are “more aware of making healthy food choices and know that staying active feels good!” This is a family focused on living life to the fullest and getting fit together.

Natalie’s favorite thing about Cadre is the community. She says it best: “Everyone is welcoming and encourages you to try your hardest. It feels as though we are all there together with the same goal. It is a very motivating place to be and I always feel happier and accomplished when I leave.” Natalie is looking forward to seeing what health and fitness benefits 2016 has in store.

Natalie really summarized our ethos at Cadre when she said, “I feel that I am the healthiest I have ever been.” We couldn’t agree more and we’re so proud of all your accomplishments Natalie. You epitomize healthy living and have a profound impact on the health and wellness of your children. Congratulations on becoming Cadre’s March Athlete of the Month!!!

February Athletes of the Month

Our February AOTM are two incredibly hard working athletes, and we are so proud to have them as part of the Cadre Crew! Want to know what makes them such stand outs? Read on to learn more about Josh Grimsley & Megan Johns.



When we congratulated Josh on being the February AOTM and started talking about his CrossFit journey, he shared the following with us: “November 2014 is my CrossFit birthdate. I was driven to CrossFit out of necessity after sustaining a back injury while deployed to Afghanistan in 2012; with three herniated discs in my lower back I became inactive for fear of reinjuring myself. In 2014 I decided to search for a lifelong path to balanced fitness and mobility, so I gave CrossFit a shot and I haven’t looked back. Since joining Cadre in July I’ve shed 27lbs and continue to set new PRs, but more than anything CrossFit has helped me recover from what looked like a lifelong injury, given me the ability to find my lost competitive spirit, and allowed me the opportunity to bond with other driven individuals. Being new to Ohio, Cadre is truly a home away from home. At the moment my favorite day in the box is on front squat day with snatches still being the bane of my existence.” Coach Katie enjoys coaching Josh because he sets such a great example for the other athletes through his hard work and his ability to be coached. He is also an incredible encouragement to the other athletes by cheering them on until the last rep is completed. Josh is a valued asset to the Cadre Community. His drive, determination, and sense of humor are an integral part of his success in CrossFit. We are so proud of your accomplishments and can’t thank you enough for your service to our Country. Congratulations, Josh and Keep up the outstanding work!



Megan has been a member of CrossFit Cadre since August 2014. She’s a devoted member of the morning crew and always shows up with a smile on her face. Megan has made incredible improvements over the last few months, most notably in her squat form. This improvement has allowed her to consistently hit new PRs with amazing technique! Megan is drawn to Crossfit specifically because of the variety movements and length of WODs. Her favorite movements include back squats, snatches, and cleans. If she never had to do another thruster or overhead squat again, she wouldn’t complain. When we talked to Megan about the progress she’s experienced she said, “I’m doing things I never thought I’d be able to do. I see pictures of myself and I still can’t believe I’m capable of this! CrossFit has helped me build so much confidence and has been such a positive part of my life.” Coach Whitney loves working with Megan because when pushed to add more weight or get a few more reps, Megan always rises to the challenge. Most recently, Megan has sought out personal training services to get even stronger! She’s so dedicated to being fit and healthy and we love that about her! Megan’s absolute favorite thing about being part of the Cadre Community is, “The coaches and family like atmosphere. Whenever I think I can’t do something, I’m always told I’m so much stronger than I think I am. It makes me feel good that people believe in me!” We all believe in you Megan and we are so very proud of all your hard work and success! Keep crushing it!


CONGRATULATIONS JOSH & MEGAN! We are so proud to coach you, WOD beside you, and watch you succeed over and over again!

January AOTM!!!

2016 is upon us and while many individuals make “resolutions”… our January Athletes of the Month LIVE them!


Joe Ruggles

Joe Ruggles January AOTM!!!

Joe Ruggles has been part of the Cadre RIIPT program since it’s inception, making him an “O.G.”! The variety of exercises, abundance of movements and fresh programming has resonated with Joe since day one. If you asked Joe what his favorite movements are they would include rowing, tire flips and sledgehammer work. Joe finds motivation to stay fit for is his 1-year-old twins, Sophie and Duke. 2015 challenged Joe in a number of ways but his work ethic and discipline at RIIPT has continually been his compass. Regular attendance of RIIPT sessions and nutrition modification has netted Joe a 25-pound weight loss in the past 6 months! Coach “Mac” thoroughly enjoys coaching Joe because “…He gives 110% every time he steps in the gym!” The Cadre community is so proud of you Joe! Your commitment and dedication to family, health and constant self-improvement earned you Cadre Athlete of the Month!!! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2016!

Lori Shockey

Lori Shockey January AOTM!!!

Lori Shockey joined the Cadre RIIPT family in October 2014. During her athletic development Lori has strengthened her mind, body and relationships with fellow athletes. Aside from the unique community at Cadre, Lori enjoys the challenge of working her abdominal muscles. Her diligence has rewarded her with vast improvement in her core strength. One unexpected side effect of RIIPT has been increased energy levels throughout the day. The perks of fitness keep Lori coming back for more! Lori’s dedication to RIIPT is even more impressive when one considers that she is a super busy Mom! Given all of this, Lori still continually makes her fitness a top priority! Lori’s upbeat personality, positive attitude and willingness to push hard make her an asset to the Cadre Community! Thank you for trusting us with your fitness Lori! Congratulations on earning the moniker of January Athlete of the Month! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2016!

December Athletes of the Month!!!

Shelley Hudak

December Athlete of the Month Shelley Hudak

December Athlete of the Month Shelley Hudak!!!

Shelley has been CrossFitting for almost 4 years and a Cadre athlete for over a year! Shelley’s drive, positive attitude and encouragement of fellow athletes makes her an integral part our community! Shelley’s favorite attribute of CrossFit is how it makes her “feel like a kid again!” Shelley’s husband and two children are so proud of her accomplishments! Her son Matthew especially enjoys discussing the day’s WOD. Shelley’s passion for CrossFit is fueled by her desire to get the absolute most out of life. The Cadre Community is so proud of your positive attitude, radiant smile and dedication to excellence. Way to represent Shelley!

James Clark

December Athlete of the Month!!!!!

December Athlete of the Month James Clark!!!

James is an athlete that many of us aspire to be. His dedication and drive are evident in everything he does at Cadre. Consistency, and dedication to proper technique has paid HUGE dividends for James! Work on Olympic lifts (outside of his daily WODs) and additional requested programming has pushed James light years ahead! His discipline with nutrition has also attributed to his success! James, you are a testament to what hard work and dedication can accomplish! Cadre is a stronger community because of you. Keep up the great work!!