March Athletes of the Month

March Athletes of the Month

March Athletes of the Month

This month our Athletes of the Month are two incredibly strong women! These ladies kill it every day in the gym and their commitment to health and fitness is inspiring not only to the Cadre Community but also their very own families! Read on to see how these athletes are impacting those around them as they get fit!


Laura Dudley

Laura has been a member of the morning RIIPT Crew since July 2015. You can always count on seeing Laura and her daughters, Sarah and Molly, each and every morning. Their collective smiles and “get it done” attitude provide enough energy to inspire the entire gym! Laura thoroughly enjoys making RIIPT a family affair. Witnessing her daughter’s progressions and passion for fitness is more rewarding than her own. The family passion for fitness doesn’t stop there. Laura’s son Adam happens to be an exercise science major. Laura loves being able to share her workouts and amazing results with him!

Laura’s favorite aspect of RIIPT is the constantly varied workouts and the fresh approach that the coaches have. If she could choose a movement to skip, it would be banded box squats and squat pulses. Give Laura core work and she’s as happy as can be! Laura has seen some incredible results in her core strength and appearance since starting RIIPT. Creating a healthy routine and starting her day off with RIIPT has impacted Laura’s life in all aspects. She finds that she has more energy throughout her busy days as a co-owner of American Elite, a local Cheerleading and Gymnastics facility.

As a business owner, Laura was quick to share her insights as to why she loves the Cadre community. The items at the top of her list were the coach to athlete ratio, inclusiveness of all fitness levels, cleanliness, knowledgeable staff and personable athletes. We are so flattered you trust us with your fitness and excited to celebrate your continued commitment to a healthy, fit lifestyle! Thanks for always having a positive attitude and for encouraging everyone around you! You deserve to be the Cadre March Athlete of the Month!!!


Natalie Buynak

As a busy mom of little ones and a devoted athlete we couldn’t be more proud of Natalie for making health and fitness a her personal priority! She has been a member of the RIIPT Crew for a little over a year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Natalie loves RIIPT because of the challenging full body workout that is “never the same. Cadre’s welcoming and inclusive environment has been great for meeting new people and making friends. Natalie explains that the other athletes “keep me motivated to keep working my hardest.” Because of this extra push, Natalie is “feeling stronger and feeling better overall.” She really hates missing a class because she feels that the rest of her day is “just off”.

Natalie shared that Cadre has affected her life in so many ways because both she and her husband Mike, workout at Cadre. Together they have created “good eating habits “ and helped each other “stay motivated and on track with workouts.” They have also enrolled their children, Angelina, Charlie, and Lilly, in Cadre Kids. As a result, their children are “more aware of making healthy food choices and know that staying active feels good!” This is a family focused on living life to the fullest and getting fit together.

Natalie’s favorite thing about Cadre is the community. She says it best: “Everyone is welcoming and encourages you to try your hardest. It feels as though we are all there together with the same goal. It is a very motivating place to be and I always feel happier and accomplished when I leave.” Natalie is looking forward to seeing what health and fitness benefits 2016 has in store.

Natalie really summarized our ethos at Cadre when she said, “I feel that I am the healthiest I have ever been.” We couldn’t agree more and we’re so proud of all your accomplishments Natalie. You epitomize healthy living and have a profound impact on the health and wellness of your children. Congratulations on becoming Cadre’s March Athlete of the Month!!!

February Athletes of the Month

Our February AOTM are two incredibly hard working athletes, and we are so proud to have them as part of the Cadre Crew! Want to know what makes them such stand outs? Read on to learn more about Josh Grimsley & Megan Johns.



When we congratulated Josh on being the February AOTM and started talking about his CrossFit journey, he shared the following with us: “November 2014 is my CrossFit birthdate. I was driven to CrossFit out of necessity after sustaining a back injury while deployed to Afghanistan in 2012; with three herniated discs in my lower back I became inactive for fear of reinjuring myself. In 2014 I decided to search for a lifelong path to balanced fitness and mobility, so I gave CrossFit a shot and I haven’t looked back. Since joining Cadre in July I’ve shed 27lbs and continue to set new PRs, but more than anything CrossFit has helped me recover from what looked like a lifelong injury, given me the ability to find my lost competitive spirit, and allowed me the opportunity to bond with other driven individuals. Being new to Ohio, Cadre is truly a home away from home. At the moment my favorite day in the box is on front squat day with snatches still being the bane of my existence.” Coach Katie enjoys coaching Josh because he sets such a great example for the other athletes through his hard work and his ability to be coached. He is also an incredible encouragement to the other athletes by cheering them on until the last rep is completed. Josh is a valued asset to the Cadre Community. His drive, determination, and sense of humor are an integral part of his success in CrossFit. We are so proud of your accomplishments and can’t thank you enough for your service to our Country. Congratulations, Josh and Keep up the outstanding work!



Megan has been a member of CrossFit Cadre since August 2014. She’s a devoted member of the morning crew and always shows up with a smile on her face. Megan has made incredible improvements over the last few months, most notably in her squat form. This improvement has allowed her to consistently hit new PRs with amazing technique! Megan is drawn to Crossfit specifically because of the variety movements and length of WODs. Her favorite movements include back squats, snatches, and cleans. If she never had to do another thruster or overhead squat again, she wouldn’t complain. When we talked to Megan about the progress she’s experienced she said, “I’m doing things I never thought I’d be able to do. I see pictures of myself and I still can’t believe I’m capable of this! CrossFit has helped me build so much confidence and has been such a positive part of my life.” Coach Whitney loves working with Megan because when pushed to add more weight or get a few more reps, Megan always rises to the challenge. Most recently, Megan has sought out personal training services to get even stronger! She’s so dedicated to being fit and healthy and we love that about her! Megan’s absolute favorite thing about being part of the Cadre Community is, “The coaches and family like atmosphere. Whenever I think I can’t do something, I’m always told I’m so much stronger than I think I am. It makes me feel good that people believe in me!” We all believe in you Megan and we are so very proud of all your hard work and success! Keep crushing it!


CONGRATULATIONS JOSH & MEGAN! We are so proud to coach you, WOD beside you, and watch you succeed over and over again!

The “F” Word

That’s right, we said it! Well…we didn’t “say it” but we’re going to. FAILURE! There it is. Failure has so many negative connotations, bad vibes and disappointments attached to it. As a matter of fact, the “F” word has such a potent stigma; all we have to say is “fail” to loft the ultimate insult.


Why does human error take us down so many notches? Why do we feel compelled to focus on failure or worse yet, the fear of failure? There is no rational explanation for the wasted energy we expend. Avoidance or fear of failure is tantamount to letting something live “rent-free” in your head. It serves no purpose!


Realistically…failure is inevitable. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he had a working version of the light bulb. Michael Jordan, arguably one of the greatest athletes in history, said “I’ve missed 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that’s why I succeed.”


So what does this have to do with CrossFit Cadre? March 2016 will mark the 4th year that Cadre has been operational. We’ve slowly and organically grown into an excellent commUNITY by trial and error. We’ve tried many things in those 4 years. Not all of them were “home runs”. We’ve made poor business decisions, programing hiccoughs, moves fueled by fear, failed as parents, spouses, partners and family members. We’ve failed MUCH more than we’ve succeeded. It’s all part of the process.


More specifically, what does failure have to do with YOU? EVERYTHING! Henry Ford, one of the greatest innovators of our time, poignantly said “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” We’ve all stood helplessly and stared at the rings, pull up bar, rope, barbell, jump rope, etc. That sinking feeling of giving something your all and STILL failing stings a bit. It’s a constant reminder of what we haven’t accomplished. We’re human and sometimes being a mere mortal is sobering.


We’d like to challenge YOU to change your approach to failure. We want you to… embrace it. That’s right. Own it! It’s going to happen and at a high frequency. Learn form it. Let failure be your change agent.



The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Open is upon us. February 25th will be the beginning of a month long, weekly competition with… yourself. YOU will be competing with YOUR fear of failure! There is something for everyone. The number one thing holding people back from this unparalleled experience is…FEAR of failure. “I’m not ready.” “ I haven’t trained for it.” “I can’t do that!” are comments we hear from more than capable athletes. If you walk through our doors and you do the WODs we prescribe, you’re ready for The Open! If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve been doing open WODs in class for the past few weeks. 13.3 ring a bell?

So take the opportunity to “flip the script”. Stand fear on its ear. Know that you WILL fail and fail and fail again before you succeed. Get knocked down 9 times; get back up a 10. We’re prepared to embrace failure until we succeed. Are you?

January AOTM!!!

2016 is upon us and while many individuals make “resolutions”… our January Athletes of the Month LIVE them!


Joe Ruggles

Joe Ruggles January AOTM!!!

Joe Ruggles has been part of the Cadre RIIPT program since it’s inception, making him an “O.G.”! The variety of exercises, abundance of movements and fresh programming has resonated with Joe since day one. If you asked Joe what his favorite movements are they would include rowing, tire flips and sledgehammer work. Joe finds motivation to stay fit for is his 1-year-old twins, Sophie and Duke. 2015 challenged Joe in a number of ways but his work ethic and discipline at RIIPT has continually been his compass. Regular attendance of RIIPT sessions and nutrition modification has netted Joe a 25-pound weight loss in the past 6 months! Coach “Mac” thoroughly enjoys coaching Joe because “…He gives 110% every time he steps in the gym!” The Cadre community is so proud of you Joe! Your commitment and dedication to family, health and constant self-improvement earned you Cadre Athlete of the Month!!! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2016!

Lori Shockey

Lori Shockey January AOTM!!!

Lori Shockey joined the Cadre RIIPT family in October 2014. During her athletic development Lori has strengthened her mind, body and relationships with fellow athletes. Aside from the unique community at Cadre, Lori enjoys the challenge of working her abdominal muscles. Her diligence has rewarded her with vast improvement in her core strength. One unexpected side effect of RIIPT has been increased energy levels throughout the day. The perks of fitness keep Lori coming back for more! Lori’s dedication to RIIPT is even more impressive when one considers that she is a super busy Mom! Given all of this, Lori still continually makes her fitness a top priority! Lori’s upbeat personality, positive attitude and willingness to push hard make her an asset to the Cadre Community! Thank you for trusting us with your fitness Lori! Congratulations on earning the moniker of January Athlete of the Month! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2016!

December Athletes of the Month!!!

Shelley Hudak

December Athlete of the Month Shelley Hudak

December Athlete of the Month Shelley Hudak!!!

Shelley has been CrossFitting for almost 4 years and a Cadre athlete for over a year! Shelley’s drive, positive attitude and encouragement of fellow athletes makes her an integral part our community! Shelley’s favorite attribute of CrossFit is how it makes her “feel like a kid again!” Shelley’s husband and two children are so proud of her accomplishments! Her son Matthew especially enjoys discussing the day’s WOD. Shelley’s passion for CrossFit is fueled by her desire to get the absolute most out of life. The Cadre Community is so proud of your positive attitude, radiant smile and dedication to excellence. Way to represent Shelley!

James Clark

December Athlete of the Month!!!!!

December Athlete of the Month James Clark!!!

James is an athlete that many of us aspire to be. His dedication and drive are evident in everything he does at Cadre. Consistency, and dedication to proper technique has paid HUGE dividends for James! Work on Olympic lifts (outside of his daily WODs) and additional requested programming has pushed James light years ahead! His discipline with nutrition has also attributed to his success! James, you are a testament to what hard work and dedication can accomplish! Cadre is a stronger community because of you. Keep up the great work!!



Extremely IMPORTANT Step #2 of Transitioning to Mind Body!!!

Time for step #2 of our change to Mind Body! If you are a recurrent/auto-pay client we need your up-to-date billing information ASAP! We need to switch everyone over to effectively pay our bills on Nov. 1st.

“Why can’t you just transfer my billing information over from my existing Zen Planner account?” you ask. For security reasons, we only have access to the last 4 digits of your CC. We also insisted on individually entering billing info to keep it simple. Yes! We are doing a lot of leg work to re-enter all of that information but we sleep better at night knowing we’ve done everything within our power to protect the valuable information you trust us with!

So if you haven’t done it yet, bring in the CC you want to use for your billing and allow us to update it. After that we can generate a membership. Once we generate your membership we can send you a secure login to change or enter any future billing information in the comfort of your own home.

Thank you again for continuing to make Cadre the amazing community it is!

Have a wonderful day!

Change for the better!!!!

Change is coming and it’s going to be fabulous! If you haven’t heard…we’re making the move to different gym software called Mind Body. “Why are we doing this?” you ask. Well…it’s time. We’re ready to take a HUGE step towards streamlining our real-time communication, electronic waivers, WOD tracking, WOD posting, billing, class scheduling and over-all facility coordination.

As the month of October passes we are migrating all of the contact information (***NOT billing information***), current memberships and other pertinent information over to Mind Body. Our goal is to have everything up and running by the 1st of November! If you gave us a current email address when you originally signed up, you will receive an email welcoming you to Mind Body. There will be an app. link to download and a sign in. Once you receive that email you can securely update your payment info, sign the electronic waiver and even sign up for selected classes/memberships. Heck! You can even pay your bills!!!

The app will allow you to sign in to classes traditionally, scan in or even schedule personal training sessions with selected trainers. If you allow us to, we can even send you texts or push notifications of any schedule changes or announcements!

So stay tuned, be PATIENT and hit us up with any questions you may have along the way. We’re excited to make Cadre that much better!!!!!

“Gray Area”


Typically, men and women in our “Western culture” have equal disdain for signs of aging (e.g. our own mortality). In our society, youth and vitality are paramount! Billion’s of dollars are allocated for said marketing every year. “Look 20 years younger!” “Feel younger!” “Clinically proven anti-aging!” You get the point.

One universal and often dreaded sign of aging is gray hair. Dermatologists call it the “50-50-50 rule” in which 50% of the population has 50% gray hair by the age of 50. There are multiple factors that contribute to gray hair. Scientists still can’t pinpoint the exact reason or causal factors. We just know that culturally, Gray = “OLD” and “OLD” = less relevant”. As I have aged (42 and counting), I have noticed more of these colorless follicles popping up every day. These silver “soldiers” seem to have a particular mission and mind of their own. The wiry outliers can be vexing, uncontrollable, and notably defiant! It is almost as if they thumb their collective nose at me and say “HEY! Check me out! I’m here all day… errrr day!!!” People deal with this stark reality in different ways. The majority of men and women tend to “dye and deny”. If they don’t see them they don’t exist.

Recently, I was attempting to style my hair for a night out on the town. All my dark hair laid just the way I combed it. I actually felt pretty dapper! After closer inspection, one of those gray “guys” was rearing its ugly head! Regardless of what product I used to tame it, I still had a little obstinate “feeler” poking out! Without a second thought, I plucked the offending hair with tweezers. Boom! Problem solved…for now. Reality is, there is one “on deck”, right behind it.

The aforementioned and otherwise mundane experience had me thinking. “Why are we so afraid of aging?” Why do we fear indications of our own mortality? George Bernard Shaw has a famous quote…“Youth is wasted on the young.” As a “masters level” athlete I often ponder George’s sentiment. It is human nature to focus on age-limiting factors. We center on what we can’t do or what we have to do in preparation for baseline movement patterns. Typically, with age comes wisdom IF we are open to it.

With all of that said, a majority of the athletes at Cadre are in the same boat. We are more mature (in years any way) than most of the younger folks. We require more time to warm up, added stretching/mobility work and…did I happen to mention more time to warm up? Many of us don’t fit the mold of an elite athlete but we’re willing to work at it and get better every day. We may not be the first athletes done but we WILL finish! We are established in our careers, families and know what direction our lives are taking. We utilize life experiences as a compass to guide our every day decisions (scaling, days of recovery, family time, etc.)


If you ask me, all of these life experiences put us in a great position! What if we collectively “flipped the script” and looked at our chronological stage in life as an advantage? What if we likened ourselves to the “upper classmen” of life? What if we embraced that “gray area” and wore it as a badge of honor? What if we were defiant, stood out and thumbed OUR nose at the social norms? We’d be putting a new perspective on an age-old (pun intended) paradigm.

Do YOU the best way you know how and be proud of it! Don’t waste your time dwelling on the things you can’t do or should have done. Showcase the things you CAN and HAVE polished! After all, you’ve accomplished some pretty noteworthy things in life! So I challenge all of you “masters athletes” out there to embrace YOUR life experiences, use them to your advantage and most of all… BE that defiant “gray hair”!!!

More Oly Options!!!

You wanted it, you’ve been asking for it, so here it is!!! Beginning September 14th, 2015, Cadre will offer 60-minute Olympic lifting sessions 0800 & 0900 Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Each hour will focus on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Classes are $10.00 per session.

Coach Anthony Colarusso has coached in both public and private sector settings for a number of years. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as well as a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. Anthony earned his Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science at Baldwin-Wallace College. Coach Colarusso has a passion for working with athletes of all ability levels looking to improve their Olympic lifting.

Coach Anthony Colarusso

Coach Anthony Colarusso


September Athletes of the Month!!!!

Nick is the kind of athlete that has inspired us since he sauntered through our doors in 2014. His blinding passion to improve and progress is evident all the way down to his boots. Yes! We said boots. Nick is training up for the physical rigors of THE United Stated Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS) beginning Sept. 22nd. Nick has steadily gained strength and stamina (again… all while wearing combat boots). We are blessed to have him as an athlete and part of our commUNITY! Thank you in advance for your dedication and selfless service to our country!!!! Congratulations on earning September Athlete of the Month!!!!


September AOTM Nick Holvey

September AOTM
Nick Holvey

Michelle has quietly dialed up beast mode in…stealth mode! Her approach to “putting in work” is as subtle as the day is long. Michelle’s drastic results speak for themselves! Our collective jaws drop when witnessing her radical transformation. Keep pushing yourself Michelle! Your results speak louder than any words ever could! Congratulations on earning September Athlete of the Month!!!!

September AOTM Michelle Zarges

September AOTM
Michelle Zarges

No Foolin….April AOTM!!!!

When we say April is here we mean it! No Tom foolery here! It’s all about serious results, fun and shared sufferance:) Without further ado, we welcome the warmer weather AND our April Athletes of the Month!!!


Clay Sackett is a quiet, focused and a funny guy 🙂 We remember the day that he walked through our door. Initially unsure of what he was about to get himself into, Clay immediately realized the benefits CrossFit could provide him. Call it sibling rivalry, if you will. Clay joined our ranks shortly after watching his brother (former AOTM) Jeremy, make huge gains and loose inches. Always intently focused on his form and mechanics, Clay continually pursues excellence. Clay is a great example of someone who quietly gets it done, adds value to our community and leads by example! Congratulations Clay!!!! You deserve to be April AOTM!!!!!!


April AOTM Clay Sackett

April AOTM Clay Sackett

April AOTM Clay Sackett

April AOTM Clay Sackett

Melissa Kennedy A.K.A. “Missy” is the quintessential transformation that we LOVE to see blossom! We can remember when Missy would come in, quietly observe her husband John, and say “there is no way I could ever do that!” Well guess what? It wasn’t long before she was trying entry-level exercise, giving some of us who know her best the “stink eye”. Needless to say, she stuck with it and kept coming back. She bridged over into regular CrossFit classes and the rest is history in the making! Missy continues to lose inches and gain confidence. It’s fun to see her slowly “slay dragons” like her first box hop or putting heavy weight overhead. We couldn’t be more pleased to have you as one of the Cadre! Congratulations Missy!!! You deserve to be April AOTM!!!!!!

April AOTM Melissa Kennedy

April AOTM Melissa Kennedy

April ATOM Melissa Kennedy

April AOTM Melissa Kennedy

March AOTM!!!!!

March is coming in like a lion! Fierce cold, snowy weather and …school closings out the ying-yang!!!! Yes, we said ying-yang! Yet we digress. We’d like to take this opportunity to focus on our own “lion and lioness” of Cadre! If you had the privilege of meeting either of these athletes for the first time, neither would be perceived as “ferocious”. Well…you’d change your tune once you saw them throw down!

Emil Hayek, MD is as polite and soft-spoken as they come. This knowledgable and unassuming physician has trained intensively in the subspecialties of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease. He won’t tell you this but we will! Emil learned his craft at two of the top ranked hospitals in the world (Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation)! Emil first joined us a little unsure of what we did. We distinctly remember his expression and demeanor after his first WOD:) He knew right then that CrossFit was for him. After trying for some time to juggle a busy schedule and CF, something had to give! That’s when …we got creative!!! Emil decided to make time for the activity he loved so much. “What did he do?” you ask. Emil took it upon himself to schedule Personal Training at lunch time. THIS is how he “got it in”. No excuses here! Heck! The guy hits all the WODS we program…by himself!!!! Emil has shown marked improvement as an athlete and “doesn’t feel right” if he can’t get his workout in. Kudos to you Emil!!!! You deserve to be the March Athlete of the Month!!!!

Emil Hayek, MD March Athlete of the Month!!!

Emil Hayek, MD March Athlete of the Month!!!


If you met Elizabeth Reynolds Slater for the first time, you might see her as a teacher, loving wife or attentive mother of 3 girls. Look again! When its “3..2..1..GO” this mild-mannered athlete unleashes her “inner beast”!!! Her drive to push and get back to that bar is second to none! And if the last name sounds’s because her STUD of a husband (Jarrod Slater) was last month’s AOTM. Enough about him though:) Back to the topic at hand. Elizabeth’s dedication and hard work has paid off. She will tell you that she is a whole new person. To top it all off, her welcoming attitude towards new athletes espouses our community ethos of “Where fitness is FUN, commUNITY is KEY and RESULTS happen!” Congratulations on representing CrossFit Cadre in every possible aspect. Elizabeth, YOU deserve to be the March Athlete of the Month!!!

Elizabeth Reynolds Slater March Athlete of the Month!!!

Elizabeth Reynolds Slater March Athlete of the Month!!!

February Athletes of the Month!!!

Besides the unusual challenge of spelling February, it can be a brutal month to get through! Cold, unforgiving and at times ruthless; this “month of romance” has a cruel sense of humor !!! Don’t despair, we have something that will warm the cockles to your heart…AOTM!!!

Jarrod Slater is the consummate definition of a quiet professional. His Wife Elizabeth will tell you that this guy thumbed his nose at exercise before coming to Cadre 8 months ago! Jarrod has changed those antiquated views AND his physique! This guy quietly goes after it on every level. His hunger for efficiency and improvement is unparalleled!  We all know that Jarrod means business when he walks through the door:) Although focused, Jarrod has never let his drive divert him from welcoming new athletes or encouraging others. Thanks for believing in yourself and the outstanding community at Cadre. Congratulations Jarrod! You definitely deserve the title Athlete of the Month!!!

February AOTM  Jarrod Slater!!!!

February AOTM
Jarrod Slater!!!!



Bethany Ferry is a ball of energy wrapped in inertia! We’re so pleased that she decided to join the Cadre Community last May. Since that fateful day, Bethany has completely blown the doors off of her “former self”. Bethany selflessly donates time and energy to causes like Anne’s Army. She took at least 1000 pictures at that event alone! She manages to put in extra time at open gym and faces down her weaknesses. Whether it is early in the morning or if she is tired, you’ll never be the wiser. Her infectious smile coupled with her wry sense of humor punctuates her fantastic personality. Thank you for modeling habits of an outstanding person and a driven athlete! Congratulations on earning Athlete of the Month!!!

February AOTM  Bethany Ferry!!!

February AOTM
Bethany Ferry!!!

January AOTM!!!

Here we go again…culling two remarkable athletes out of a host of viable candidates. Tough choices but good problem to have:) Two athletes that grabbed our attention this month are as follows:

Tracy Zdanowicz Nagaj (The “T” is silent…just kidding) is our January Female AOTM!!!! The last name may sound familiar as her over-achieving husband Dan was October 2014 AOTM. Talk about a great blood line! Tracy first came to us last July a little unsure of what she was getting herself into. Already in good shape, Tracy was curious to see what had transformed Dan. After her first workout, Tracy was in! Over the last 5 months Tracy has quietly increased her intensity and work capacity.  She has an infectious smile and is the first to encourage others to better themselves. Her results (back and shoulders yo!) speak for themselves! Congratulations Tracy! You’ve earned AOTM status!!!!

January AOTM Tracy Zdanowicz Nagaj

January AOTM Tracy Zdanowicz Nagaj

January AOTM Tracy Zdanowicz Nagaj

January AOTM Tracy Zdanowicz Nagaj


Rick Kellar joined our ranks in June of 2014. Rick came to us keenly aware of CrossFit and was serious about taking his functional fitness to the next level. Slowly, methodically and with “front sight focus” Rick put in the work. Still unsatisfied with the speed of his transformation, Rick decided to up the ante and take on the LuRong Paleo Challenge. All we can say is WOW! Rick “leaned out” and experienced what massive changes occur with small adjustments in nutrition. Rick continues to be a spokesperson for CrossFit, Cadre and our tight knit community. Rick actively recruits his co-workers to join him. Keep it up Rick!!! You’re an amazing example of putting words to action! Congratulations!!!

January AOTM Rick Kellar

January AOTM Rick Kellar

January AOTM Rick Kellar

January AOTM Rick Kellar

The New Year Week Schedule

Great Holiday showing so far!!! Love the spirit!!!!

New Year week schedule is as follows:

Monday & Tuesday = regular hours

Wednesday = 0830 & 0930 ONLY

Thursday New Year = Closed

Friday & Saturday = back to business with regular hours


Let’s close out 2014 with authority!!!! Have a HAPPY New Year!!!!!

December Athletes Of The Month!!!

Last month of 2014!!! We couldn’t think of a better way to close such an outstanding year! This month, we single out two athletes who have shown grit, determination and the tenacity to make the right choices… even if they aren’t easy.

Shari Jeffers has been with CrossFit Cadre since our doors opened in March of 2012. She has worked through chronic injuries, range of motion issues and the occasional “tweak” one can get from pushing hard. Shari has proven her will to work and adaptability time and again. She engenders what we look for in an athlete that wants to improve! Little known fact… Shari is generous with some pretty amazing paleo recipes as well:) Hit her up for one. You won’t be sorry. Great work Shari and congratulations on earning December AOTM!!!!


Shari Jeffers  December AOTM

Shari Jeffers
December AOTM

Shari Jeffers December AOTM

Shari Jeffers
December AOTM

Nate Stull quietly came to us with “that look” in his eyes and “fire in his belly”. We knew right then that he was in 100%. Nate enjoyed the work and “the push” so much that he started coming in twice a day! Not completely satisfied with his results, Nate began to ask questions about nutrition and investigate the possibilities on his own. As advice poured in, Nate processed it and decided to give the paleo lifestyle a try. After initiating the nutritional regimen, he rapidly began to see changes. To “kick things up a notch” Nick decided to participate in the recent 8 week LuRong Paleo Challenge. Boy did THAT make a difference! Although Nate is quiet and focused he is always willing to help other athletes. Nice job Nate!!! “The proof is definitely in the pudding!”

Nate Stull December AOTM

Nate Stull
December AOTM

Nate Stull  December AOTM

Nate Stull
December AOTM


Schedule for Thanksgiving Week

Here’s the schedule for Cadre this Thanksgiving week:

Tuesday: Normal Hours of Operation

Wednesday: Normal Hours of Operation

Thursday: Thanksgiving Day CLOSED (enjoy your families!)

Friday: “Black Friday” Normal Hours of Operation

Saturday: Normal Hours of Operation


OLY Class on Saturday starts 15 minutes EARLIER 0815-0915!!!!!


Footprints On Our Soul

Really at a loss as to where we begin with this post!? This is heartbreaking and unprecedented within our close knit community. Today we mourn the loss of the bravest and most inspirational athlete to walk across the threshold at CrossFit Cadre. Megan Welker, loving Wife, dedicated Mother and avid CrossFitter, lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) today at 11:30.

The Welkers

To this day, we vividly remember when Megan and Mike Welker walked, albeit hesitantly, through the door. Mike, a former Marine and understandably a protective husband, was pensive, reserved and unsure of what we could do for Megan. We could tell that Mike wasn’t sure if this CrossFit “thing” was a good idea. We talked about Megan’s battle with Cystic Fibrosis, the waiting period to receive a lung transplant, her successful surgery and her battle to gain back the strength she had lost during the process. After a detailed discussion of our plan and reassurance that we would let Megan dictate her progress; Mike shook our hands and gave us the “go ahead”.

Our first impression of Megan was “frail”. Much to our surprise, this soft spoken woman possessed an inner strength and underlying confidence forged by frequently “thumbing her nose at death”. She had survived and thrived through unimaginable pain and suffering! Wimmediately took note of Megan’s “can do” attitude and her willingness to push through the “suck!” Close evaluation of her performance gave us the clues to modify  her WOD or just have her stop and take a breath . She NEVER once asked us to rest or for a break. Many times Megan would work so hard that she would visibly change color! She had THAT kind of fire and drive!  


Pretty soon, Mike was at her side (per usual) giving her the space she needed to work but ALWAYS with a watchful eye. Megan began to see improvement and the two of them began coming in as s couple. Pretty soon their 7 year-old daughter Shelby began to participate in Cadre Kids. The entire family became a huge inspiration for all of us! When we were feeling sorry for ourselves during a WOD we’d look up and see Megan going after it…talk about a reality check!

Megan slowly began to struggle and decline. Her Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) started to ebb. Sadly, Megan was notified that her previously transplanted lungs were failing. It was time to go back on the transplant list. Regardless, Megan was up for the challenge and couldn’t wait to get another set of lungs so that she could get back to being the Wife, Mother and CrossFitter she knew she could be. Megan spent 92 days in the hospital before she came home to “wait” for some good news. Per usual, Mike was at her side as a loving Husband and caregiver day and night. Mike kept us posted of her resolve and medical condition. Unfortunately, Megan’s hard-fought battle ended today.

In our time on this Earth, many people “walk” through our lives. If we’re fortunate enough we meet individuals that change us for the better. When that “magic” occurs, we are privileged to know someone who “left their footprints on our soul”. Megan is, without a doubt, one of those uncommon individuals! Our prayers, deepest regrets and supportive thoughts go out to the Welker family.

What are YOU bringing to the table!?!?!?

What are YOU bringing to the table?


Many familiar images come to mind when the month of November rolls around. The most notable memories are forged around a table. As family and friends, we celebrate our prosperity in the ultimate communal setting, Thanksgiving.  Ideally, everyone involved in the food-filled holiday adds value by “bringing something to the table”.

In many ways, life and CrossFit, parallel this same cooperative concept. When we all look inward and contribute, the energy and results speak for themselves. In the same vein we decided to openly challenge YOU by posing the question… “What are YOU bringing to the table?”

As an athlete, are you making every rep count? Are you “playing it safe” using weight you know will give you a faster time or are you adding a little more and getting stronger? Are you quick to clean up and leave the box while others are still struggling through their “suck” or are you rallying around your fellow athletes?

As a coach, are you maintaining “laser-like” focus EVERY session or are you “phoning it in?” Are you making your way around to every athlete to give subtle cues or are you stationary, missing opportunities to see and correct small errors? Are you able to look inward, open to self-critique or do you “know everything” and have it all “figured out?”

As you see the amazing results of your recent LuRong Paleo Challenge are you continuing to make good decisions on your nutrition or are you just letting go? Is nutrition the foundation of your functional fitness or are you hoping your physical output will give you the results you desire?

Although prepared with love, Thanksgiving meals are fraught with distractions. Are you going to be the person miserable because you ate too much or are you going to take small portions of everything and enjoy your food responsibly?

In ALL of these instances, we are the sum of our parts. Whether you are offering support to someone else or practicing self-control, we ALL deserve your best effort! We implore you to consider these aforementioned concepts for the month of November and all that follow.

It’s officially “out there”. We’ve thrown down the gauntlet. It’s time to add value to your life and those that matter the most. So look inward and take solace in the fact that you know EXACTLY what you are brining to the table!!!

November AOTM!!!

November is here, the leaves are falling and so are the pounds and PR’s! As you are well aware, your diligence pays off with increases in strength and skill. YOU continuously test your mettle and grind through discomfort to finish your workouts. This inspiring environment is what makes choosing JUST two Athletes of the Month so difficult!


Jessica McClintock-Berardinelli has been a staple and plank member of the 0500 class for quite some time. Jessica made the choice to try something outside of her comfort zone and…knocked it out of the park! Jess isn’t what you’d call a “morning person”. All the more impressive to see this AOTM dedicate and commit to the task at hand! We’ve continuously seen her strike up conversations with new athletes, cheer them on and do her best to make them feel welcome. Jessica continues to impress us with her laser-like focus, push to improve and continued PR’s!!! Congratulations on representing our community as a November Athlete of the Month!!!!


Jessica McClintock-Berardinelli

Jessica McClintock-Berardinelli

Chip McClintock (no relation to Jess) tried out his first CrossFit session in May of this year. Once he had a taste of the “Kool Aid”…he was in! It didn’t take long for the coaches to see that Chip attacks every WOD with all he has! Chip’s raw strength and athletic background shine through each and every session. Chip has shown great character in working through some tweaks and old injury patterns that some of us “Silverbacks” acquire over time. He has never let any of the speed bumps become road blocks. Chip has an infectious smile and a will of iron. He would literally give you the shirt off of his back! Congrats on being November Athlete of the Month!!!! 

Chip McClintock

Chip McClintock

October AOTM!!!!!

Well, it’s official! Pumpkin season is upon us and the leaves are changing color. Nights are becoming brisk and the long sleeves are coming out. We can’t think of a better way to warm things up than showcasing two of our model athletes!!! Let’s do this!

Grace Dworakowski or “Grace under pressure” is an excellent example of what hard work, persistence  and dedication brings to bear. Quiet and unassuming, Grace came to Cadre as and accomplished a runner. At first, Grace wasn’t sure what to expect and wondered “how is CrossFit going to help my running?” After a few months Grace began to comment on her increased endurance and strength. Her running became more efficient and she knocked precious time off of her previous personal records. Grace quietly puts in work and makes it look effortless. As coaches we can catch her flashing a smile during the toughest of WODs. Her no-nonsense approach and quiet support of her fellow athletes makes Grace an easy pick for October Athlete of the Month! 

Grace Dworakowski Grace Dworakowski

Dan Nagaj is a transformation and a half!!! This guy is another quiet workhorse that “just gets it done!” Dan joined the Cadre Crew a little over a year ago and what a difference he has made!! Dan always asks how he can improve and is willing to put in the extra work to do so. Dan’s physical appearance mirrors his focus and fitness lifestyle change. Quiet and upbeat, Dan is the first to encourage others still working through “the suck” of a WOD. Dan is also a great example to his family! As a matter of fact, the entire Nagaj family are now Cadre athletes!!!! Way to represent Dan!!! Congratulations on being selected as October Athlete of the Month!

Dan Nagaj Dan Nagaj 2

June Athletes Of The Month!!!

It’s been a few extra days in the making but we finally gathered the needed pics. to assemble this month’s Athlete’s Of The Month (AOTM). Here we go!!!!


Zach Lewis decided to give CrossFit Cadre a try last year. It is typical to see Zach quietly walk in for the 0800 class in gym clothes to roll out and stretch. He puts in MAD work , showers and walks out dressed to the “9’s” with that knowing smile:)  Zach’s “front sight focus” caught our eye immediately and he has continued to let his actions speak louder than words. It’s normal to see Zach helping and motivating others as they work through the WOD.  Many don’t know that Zach (he would NEVER tell you this)  selflessly served his country in the Army. We could not be more grateful for the sacrifice he and many others make/made to assure our freedom! Thanks Zach!!! You are a true CrossFit “Operator”!!!

June AOTM Zach Lewis

June AOTM Zach Lewis

June AOTM Zach Lewis

June AOTM Zach Lewis

Alison Schneider continues to impress us with her work ethic, attitude and sense of community. We remember the first day Alison walked through our doors. She wasn’t sure what she was getting herself into but…she jumped right in! It’s been AMAZING to see Alison’s physical (down 20#) and mental transformation since she fully immersed herself into functional fitness! Just recently, we had a “day one”, teenage athlete show up for a session. Without a second thought or any direction from us Alison acutely sensed this “newbie’s” need for moral support:) Alison took her under her “wing”, made her feel at home and typified what CrossFit is all about!!! Keep that infectious smile and continued desire to improve! Congratulations Alison!!!! You’ve definitely earned June AOTM:)

June AOTM Alison Schneider

June AOTM Alison Schneider

June AOTM Alison Schneider

June AOTM Alison Schneider

Act Like You Own The Place!!!

If you are a Cadre athlete, you know how much we cherish YOU! We have MAD respect for anyone with enough “gumption” to cross our threshold and put forth the effort day in…day out. We strive to offer the best coaching, equipment and above all, a supportive atmosphere necessary excel. As our close-knit community continues to grow, so does our “laser-like”focus. We have the utmost respect for YOU and your fitness goals.Within the aforementioned endeavors, we have taken steps to ensure that EVERY 60 minute session is its own entity or “sanctuary” for CrossFit.

Maybe you’re thinking “So….what’s this have to do with ME…the Athlete????” Here’s where the “coolness quotient” kicks up a few notches!!! All of these factors can be summarized in one sentence: CrossFit Cadre is….all about YOU!!!

YOU pay the bills.
YOU keep the lights on.
YOU create the unique environment and atmosphere that we all revere!

In essence…YOU…own the place!!! In doing so, ownership elicits certain intangibles: pride, responsibility, and a personal investment in assuring success. So…”alright already!!!! Get to the point!!!” As staff we are starting to notice some daily occurrences that take away from the atmosphere, appearance and sometimes longevity of the equipment we hold so dear. Here are some opportunities/facets YOU can take ownership of:

1) Clean up your implements (boxes, barbells, bumpers, rowers, etc..)  after you finish your WOD or extra work on the North Side.

2) Wipe down your equipment (Med Balls, barbells, ab-mats, rowers, etc..) after you are finished. CrossFit is a strenuous, high intensity sport. Sweat, snot, and occasionally blood literally goes hand-in-hand. We supply disinfectant spray and towels for you to erase any evidence of your chalk/DNA/”biologicals”left behind. If none is readily available, ask a staff member to hook you up.

3) Take the tape you unravel, empty water bottles and any other disposable items to the trash after completion of your workout. 

4) Be respectful of the following class when your 60 minute “escape from reality” is concluded. Extra work is encouraged and we’d actually like to see MORE athletes utilizing the North Side for extra/post session work on those “goats”. We just want to make sure that the oncoming class time is as respected and distraction free as yours was:)  

When all is said and done, we respect EVERY athlete and strive to espouse the atmosphere of excellence you ALL deserve. We’d like to thank you in advance! Your “ownership” in this process will go a looooong way to ensure Cadre remains a box-wide success!!!!


20 min to work on pullups, c2b, muscleups

workout of the day

this amrap will be completed 3 times
* rest 2 minutes between each one

5 min amrap
7 power clean (135/95)
7 bar facing burpee



5 rounds 2 min each
5 push press (work @ or above 70%)

workout of the day
9 minute amrap
kb swing (53/35)
toe to bar (scale- knee to elbow)
* overhead walking lunge 20 ft after every round (20 lb medball/14 lb medball)


alt otm for 16 min
even: 4 tire flip
odd: 10 burpee to 6″ target

workout of the day
6 rounds for time
8 shoulder to overhead (135/95)
10 box hop (24″/20″)
30 single under