Warm up:TC




Bulgarian Split Squats

-5×6 Each Leg (you choose weight)

*Scale weighted walking lunges same reps




4 Rounds


-Row 250 Meters

-50 DU (150 Singles)

-1 Min Plank Hold


Each time you mess up on DU or Single Skips it is 10 ABMAT Sit up penalty.

150 ABMAT sit up MAX. ABMATS done after the WOD.




Warm up:TC




Push Press

3x3x3x3x3 working towards 3 reps max (Start your set @65-70% of 1RM)






Run 200 Meters

-4 T2B

-4 HR Push Ups

Run 200 meters

-8 T2B

-8 HR Push Ups

Run 200 Meters

-12 T2B

-12 HR Push ups

keep ascending  for 12 MINS

Oh! Is THAT how you feel??? Well let’s take it OUTSIDE!!!!

This Saturday, June 1st, Cadre is hosting an 0900 outdoor WOD at Hudson Springs Park ! Wanna know what’s in store….show up and find out. We bet it will be fun and challenging. You may even have a few laughs:)


Please forgive the arrangements but there are no 0830, 0930 WODs or YOGA!  Cadre has the honor of hosting a two day CrossFit Football Course (June 1st and 2nd). Participants from all over come to step up their football programming prowess. Thank you in advance for embracing the unknown and unknowable.


Warm up:TC




-Clean Mech. (Hang Clean, Power Clean, Squat clean)




-1 Min Max Hang Clean 95/65

rest 1 Min

-90 SEC Max Power Clean 115/75

rest 2 Min

-2 Min Max Squat Clean 135/95

rest 3 mins

—50 Wallballs for time 20/14

A Day to Remember

Can’t thank all of the individuals that came out to support the 2013 HAMMY this Sunday!!! We still get goosebumps thinking of all the positive energy and generosity displayed. Special shots out to Rogue Fitness for lending us such high quality equipment along with the “soup to nuts” needed to put it all together. There are far too many people to thank  in this teeny little post. Your collective and cohesive efforts made this year’s HAMMY one to remember.


We’d also like to thank Jeff Glidden, Cris Methvin, Laura Mulcahy and Vicky McHenry for catching much of the action on film. Vicky posted all of her pics. on http://albums.phanfare.com/isolated/BdC42m2c/1/6081446 Check them out. We’re sure that you’ll agree, the images are pretty boss!


So recover, rehydrate, roll out and get back on the horse. You have 363 days until HAMMY 2014!!!!!


Warm up:TC


Front Squats

  • 3 reps @ 80%
  • 3 reps @ 85%
  • AMRAP @ 90%

Work back down


5 Rounds

  • Run 200m-outside run (inside run down and back 3 times if bad weather)
  • 20 ABMAT Sit ups
  • 2 Rope Climbs
  • Rest 1 min between rounds


Memorial Day WOD

We are holding one and one WOD only at 0900 Memorial Day Monday. So if you still have gas in the tank after HAMMY…we’ll be waiting…with sore but open arms:) Bring it!!!


P.S. Although there are no WODs Saturday the 25th there WILL be a YOGA session at 1045.  

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