8/31….”Holy Legs and Pig”

8/31….”Holy Legs and Pig”

Warm up: MedBall Games


Back squat Mechanics working up to the weight you will use in the work out.


5 Rounds

  • Row 250
  • 5 Backsquats 225/155
  • 10 step ups 30″/24″ (alternating legs on each step so 5 each leg)

Rest 1 min between rounds


Friday Challenge:

You have 1 min to push the butcher 200′. Down and back twice high push low push. Men 4-45# plates/women 2-45# plates.




Warm Up:

Using a PVC Pipe Do 2 Rounds:

20 Hop Overs
20 Pass Throughs
20 Good Mornings
10 Snatch Balance
10 Pass Throughs With Active Shoulders


Sumo Deadlift 6×3@80-85%


For Time:


  • KB SDHP (70/55)
  • HR Push ups
  • V-Ups

Rest 1 min

Max Unbroken Wallballs 20/14

No Shirt? No Shoes??? Come on in!!!!!

Exciting news!!!!! The Reebok SWAG is here!!!! Getcha some!!!! Our new and improved Cadre Reebok Shirts arrived Friday. Men have a choice of Red and….um…. Red shirts for now (Black shirts are on the way). Women have a choice between Red tees and Gray Racer-Back tanks. All of the shirts are a made of an extremely soft tri-blend material. Oh! we would be remiss if we didn’t say that these shirts are EXTREMELY flattering!!!!

As if the shirts weren’t enough to get you goin…we kicked it up a notch with some Men’s and Women’s Reebok Nano 2.0 and Oly CrossFit Shoes! In true Cadre form there are some “funky fresh” colors along with a few more conservative tones. Check em out! All of these items are guaranteed to add more flare to your WOD AND your next PR!



Teams of 3

Team must complete.

50 push press 115/75
50 front squat 115/75
75 windsheild wipers 115/75
Push car 200 meters
After the push…
150 situps

Here is the catch while doing the push press, front squats, and windshield wipers. While switching the bar can’t hit the ground. Each time it does its 5 burpees per person. Situps can be done together.


Warm up:

  • Run 200
  • 30 mountain climbers
  • 10 assisted pullups if needed (dead hang pull ups)
  • 20 pass throughs
  • Foam rollers on legs and back

Skill/strength: Strict Press 5×5 @65-70%


  • Run 400m with med ball 20/14
  • 25 medball push ups
  • Run 200m
  • 30 overhead walking lunges with plate 45/25
  • Run 400m
  • 25 kb swings 70/55
  • Run 200m with plate 45/25

Friday Chalenge:

How strong is your grip?

Dead hang from pull up rig for max time. (Goal is 2 mins) once you drop your done.


Warm up: Row 250 meters x 3 (easy,medium,allout) with pass throughs and shoulder mobility between rowing.

Skill/Strength: 2 push press on the min(OTM) for 10 mins @80%-90% AMRAP the last min


4 Rounds

  • 8 deadlifts 275/185
  • 4 wall climbs
  • 12 AB MAT sit-ups with throwing the med ball against wall 20/14
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